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TextMate is a good editor.

2006-03-03 18:34:58

I've been an emacs user for 20 years. Gosh, that is scary. Every now and then I try to use a different, "modern" editor or IDE for a while. Visual Studio. Borland JBuilder. Eclipse. TPU. (ha! just kidding. I used TPU before I used emacs).

I always end up going back to emacs.

Since I've been experimenting with Ruby on Rails, I'm trying TextMate. It has emacs-ish basic bindings, so it's tolerable out of the gate. It has a nice, simple, but powerful extension mechanism, with a lot of pragmatic tools that cover all the languages I care about. It also has very nice Rails support, apparently because all the Railserati use it. Watch the video demo, and you might want to try it to.

So far, I've used it long enough to actually pay the shareware fee. I really like it. Let's see if I'm still using it in a month.