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2006-03-27 13:07:55

Quicksilver is a clever indexer/launcher tool. It's been around for a while. A friend of mine tried to get me hooked on it over two years ago. But I didn't quite catch it.

Since then I had accumulated about 50 applications in my dock; I would often be aiming to click on, for example "emacs" and hit "textmate" instead. So I tried Quicksilver again, and now I am an addict. My dock is reserved for the few most used apps (emacs, firefox, ichat, mail, textmate) and then for a bunch of things I don't use much, but are useful. I have in the dock because I would actually forget I have them, or I would forget their names. That's how senile I am.

So try it; maybe two years from now you'll try it again and get addicted.