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More on single- vs. multi-purpose gadgets.

2006-03-23 09:50:08

Om Malik has an post today about the iPod's hegemony in the mp3 market. I have to say I agree completely, mostly because it goes to support my theory that specialized gadgets are intrinsically better than general-purpose ones.

His article also touches on the notion that Apple will release an iPhone, because all the phones on the market today suck. Just like all MP3 players on the market sucked before the iPod came out.

My prediction is that if Apple does come out with a phone, it will not be what everyone thinks it will be. In particular, it will not be an iPod that can make phone calls. In fact, I would be surprised if it can even play music at all. I think it will focus on the mission of communication device: phone calls, text messaging, and maybe email. It will have a focused design on those problems, and will integrate first and foremost with Apple Address Book, and iCal. Imagine, a phone that is good at making phone calls! Radical!

I think if they do that, and can get a wireless provider on-board somehow, they will eat Motorola and Nokia's lunch.