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Digg is the new Slashdot

2006-03-08 12:17:31

Digg is really becoming the new slashdot. The mission is basically the same: geeks yak about links. But the interface is so much cleaner, easier, simpler.

On the downside, it seems to be picking up slashdot's religion/mob mentality as well: linux/apple/mozilla good, microsoft bad. Which I generally tend to agree with, but only on specifics, and not as a given.

Also on the downside, the ads on digg suck. They are google adsense ads, and they appear to have the worst targeting I have ever seen. For a site that has the traffic that digg has, they must be losing money hand over fist. They should have their own ad engine. I'll bet their CPC is something like $0.15 -$0.25. They should be capturing $0.50 or more.