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How to transfer Nike Running data to RunKeeper

2015-06-16 16:01

I like log my running with a smartphone app. I've tried a lot of them, but I like Nike Running for the clean UI and terse, friendly voice.

However, I like the reporting console available in RunKeeper, and my friends all use that. So if I want to compare notes or just geek out on the data a little, I want to have stuff in RunKeeper.

(RunKeeper has a super slow-talking, verbose voice. It drives me crazy. It says "Average Pace... Nine minutes... Thirty-four seconds... per mile." No shit. My pace is in minutes and seconds per mile? It's not hours or something per league? Thanks for letting me know every fucking time, because I couldn't have figured that out.)

Anyway, so what I do is run with Nike and then once a month I download the GPX files using Nike Plus exporter. Then I log into run keeper and upload the dozen or so GPX files. Easy.

An even easier way, without having to get on a computer, is to use the Nike+ Data Downloaded by @stuehler. You can send your synced Nike runs directly to your runkeeper app on the phone. Great stuff.