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Using Groups with Xcode Server

2014-12-10 09:06

We were having some weird problems with getting xcode server to build stuff properly on Yosemite, and this is what my friend figured out. (Just lazily copy/pasting from Slack):

doughty [8:51 AM] 
FYI, in case you ever run into this, putting the build daemon user
into the `_developer` group evidently makes things better (e.g., fewer
GUI prompts when you don't want them).

billo [8:54 AM] 
there's a _developer group? who knew

doughty [8:55 AM] 
right.  and it's not like it shows up under "Groups" in the server app
or anything.

doughty [8:56 AM]
but if you put the machine into "enable this for development" mode,
all users in the _developer group have some special privileges, such
as not being prompted for the administrator password to be able to run
things like Instruments and the like.

doughty [8:56 AM]
and of course _xcserver or whatever is in that group

doughty [8:56 AM]
and now teamcity is as well :simple_smile: