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Maria DB notes

2014-01-22 11:47:07

I'm starting a new project, and might as well use MariaDB.

First step is to install on my Mac Pro. Here are the instructions from MariaDB; oddly there are no native .dmg builds yet.

I found it a bit more convenient to install from Macports. Pretty easy:

sudo this stuff:

port install mariadb
port install mariadb-server
cd '/opt/local' ; /opt/local/lib/mariadb/bin/mysqld_safe --datadir='/opt/local/var/db/mariadb' &

Add /opt/local/lib/mariadb/bin/ to PATH.

Happily, the macports installer creates a launchd config. You might have to load it:

cd /Library/launchd
launchctl load -w org.macports.mariadb-server.plist

Make sure it is not still running when you try to load it. Shut down with:

/opt/local/lib/mariadb/bin/mysqladmin shutdown -p