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Notes on the new iPod

2012-09-15 08:25:00

The iPod touch has lagged behind the iPhone both temporally and in features. Not only was it released months after the iPhone, but it would have some key differences. It really was much less than "an iPhone without the phone."

This year the iPod touch has been released at the same time as the iPhone. But it also has had a few of its shortcomings with respect to the iPhone removed:

These elements are the probably the most important things that make an iPhone such a delight to use. After all, the essence of a touch screen computer is being looked at and touched. Of course Apple chose to invest more there; it's the "obvious" thing to do.

Of course, there remain key functional differences:

These missing elements make sense if you look at the intended audience of the iPod: kids. Kids don't drive or wander around far from home alone, so they don't need navigation and mapping. And they are much more likely to be near wifi more of the time, either at home or school.

Apple's solution for those that need such capabilities is still pretty clear: get an iPhone or an iPad with 3G.