Topics include: programming, Apple, Unix, gadgets, large-scale web sites and other nerdy stuff.

Administrative note

2011-04-01 11:01:12

This blog was originally implemented using Movable Type. I switched to Wordpress because the comment CGI of MT would take down my server whenever Google came a-crawlin'.

But Wordpress makes all the pages slow, since it's all dynamic, and the supercache breaks every few months when an upgrade comes out, or if I switch hosts or mess with my apache config. 

I decided I don't really want comments: they are 99% spam, and anybody with intelligent feedback can email, tweet or publish on their own blog.  So I'm back to Movable Type, which publishes the entire site in "baked" fashion as it is now called, all static HTML.

So if I ever write anything interesting enough to get fireballed, it hopefully won't be an embarrassing outage.