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Snow Leopard Upgrade Notes

2009-09-01 11:28:04

The thing I was worried about, the tun/tap driver and openvpn2, wasn't a problem at all. Works fine with no work at all. Even the launchd scripts to start it up worked.

Of course, all the stuff I wasn't worried about is having problems.

The initial Install OS X on the DVD didn't work at all. It said "choose a drive to upgrade" and gave me a choice of no drives. I had to boot from the CD to do the upgrade. I assume this is because My boot drive is a software RAID 1 disk.

MySQL 5.0.55 seems to have been obliterated.

My trick of copying /usr/bin/emacs into the bundle for Aqua emacs is not working.

My old-fashioned /Library/StartupItems script is finally too-old. Doesn't really work at all.

Xcode install had to be redone 3 times (and counting.) Failed with a cryptic error the first time, failed to install the actual Xcode app the second time. Third time worked (so far at least, it actually did install the main app. Downloading iPhone SDK for Snow Leopard now.

More to come, probably.

Update: is broken, and I can't get it to work. Will have to wait until some stuff is fixed in the GNU distro I guess. For now I am using Aquamacs, which is not so great. It's "enhanced" to be more Mac-like, which isn't really the point of running emacs. If I wanted a Mac editor, I'd run textmate.

Also: I'm having trouble with MySQL. The 5.1 download doesn't appear to have InnoDB in it, which is weird and is troublesome for me.

And: the iPhone SDK is not working right. I get an inscrutable error in the packaging final step, after reinstalling all the iPhone SDKs from 2.2 - 3.0.