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Snow Leopard iPhone SDK fixed

2009-09-10 08:03:14

I was completely stumped by an error in the build of our iPhone app. It just said 'something something exited with status -1.' Said something wasn't any kind of actual program or file you could find on the disk, so I had no way of getting further into it.

I actually had a support call into Apple Technical Support, who were trying to help figure it out.

But then the final Snow Leopard iPhone SDK 3.1 came out, and that revealed much more detailed errors. In particular, it showed that Xcode was trying run an old Leopard component of the iPhone SDK, which no longer exists. So I wiped the entire /Developer hierarchy off my machine, and reinstalled Xcode 3.2 and the single Snow Leopard 3.1 iPhone SDK. Kapow, everything works now.