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GMail IMAP login not working, web is fine

2009-09-10 23:25:55

I suddenly started getting failures logging into my google domain apps gmail from IMAP clients: Apple Mail and Apple Mail on iPhone. It's affected all my computers (and phone) on three networks. Apparently there is some kind of CAPTCHA guard that can cause this, but the Google-recommended solution does not help.

Apparently many other people are having the same symptom from other operating systems and phones: Web login works but IMAP and POP are broken.

I haven't change the config on this account in months, so I'm pretty sure this is not user error.

Also, this is one of those typical GMail problems that hits some accounts and not others... I have accounts in three other Google apps domains and they work fine.

Too bad there is no system at all for submitting tickets on free Google apps. I might have to upgrade to a premier account, which would suck because I have my whole family on this one, and that would cost a lot.