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Pause/Skip with headphones on new iPod Touch

2008-09-15 08:01:54

I didn't see this written anywhere, but I just tried it, and it works. With the iPhone, you can click the microphone to pause the currently playing song, or double-click to skip to the next track. This makes it very pleasant to listen to music, and IMO is what made the iPhone the "best iPod ever."

What was really annoying was that the first iPod Touch didn't have this feature: to skip songs, or pause, you had to pull the thing out of your pocket, look at it, wake it up and pause/skip. This made the iPod touch the "worst iPod ever," at least as far as listening to music goes. For me, this seemingly hostile feature drop, even more than having no physical volume control, relegated the iTouch to watching movies and web browsing.

But all is forgiven. Plug your iPhone (or compatible, presumably) headphones into the iTouch, queue up a playlist. You can pause by one-clicking, skip by double-clicking. I'm hoping the new Nano has the same improvement.