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iPhone 2.0 lightning review

2008-07-10 12:16:07

I didn't buy a new iPhone today. I'm not buying one this week. They weren't on sale when I wrote this post! Duh!

I might get one later, it depends on how much faster they actually are on 3G, and whether I think that's really worth another $180/year.

For now, I've upgraded my old iPhone to the new software. It's really great. Best things:

Apple Remote App: controls iTunes and Apple TV over wifi.

Mobile Flickr App: SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than browsing Flickr in Safari. Update: Exposure is a slightly slickr app, and it's free.

NYTimes App: See Mobile Flickr App

MobileMe push email. My account seems to have transitioned without a problem. It seems to take between 5 and 15 seconds for a "push" message to my email address to arrive on my phone. I'm wondering if I should forward my gmail to my, and stop reading gmail on the iphone directly. Hmm, probably not. If I understand the "push" architecture correctly, Gmail should be able to push to iPhone pretty easily, and hopefully they will get on that.

MobileMe over-the-air Contact sync. Yes!

Stupid things: there are at least 3 "tip calculating" apps. AND THEY ALL COST MONEY! How stupid do you have to be to pay $2 to have someone tell you what 20% (or 15% or whatever) is of your lunch tab? Are you so stupid you can't use Calculator to multiply by 1.15? WTF?