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Workaround for router lameness

2008-05-30 17:24:05

If you are setting up OpenVPN for a network full of macs, and you have a LAME LAME LAME Apple Airport Extreme as your router, you won't be able to add a default route so that packets can go from your various macs, back to the OpenVPN gateway, and then back to the outside clients.

So a workaround is to add a route to every Mac in your network. Which is easy for me, since I only have two. But it would suck in an office of, say 20.

Anyway, here's what you do. Fill in your own OpenVPN network routes and Gateway IP yourself.

sudo route add -net

P.S.: I'm buying one of these because I'm tired of Airport Extreme Lameness. And I'm going to put OpenWRT on it and run OpenVPN right on the router. Maybe.

To delete the route:

route delete -net