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**How to Change the Default Background Image in Leopard **

2008-03-12 13:33:34


I really don't like the astronomy picture as a default background. I think I've gone through all the stages of personal computer decorative design, including crazy transparent terminals, shifting slideshow backgrounds, etc. I'm now at the stage where I want my visual environment to be boring, austere. I always choose a solid, medium-grey background. I turn off all visual transition effect i possibly can. I really just want to see the programs I'm working with. Anything else is more than my tiny brain can handle comfortably.

So, in Leopard, to get rid of space-the-final-frontier or whatever it's called, do this:

First, make a screenshot of a piece of gray background, call it boring.jpg. Then:

sudo tcsh cd /System/Library/CoreServices mv DefaultDesktop.jpg DefaultDesktop_leopard.jpg cp ~/boring.jpg DefaultDesktop.jpg