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I'm not going to give you my trust on Spock.

2008-01-16 17:43:26

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

No, I'm sorry, I'm not giving you my trust on Spock. Spock looks like a nice enough web site, I suppose. I'm sure the people who made it have good intentions and/or are righteous dudes and all that. I hope they are able to sell their business for a lot of money someday and retire rich.

But I've already used up all the time I care to connecting to everyone I've ever known on LinkedIn and Facebook. On LinkedIn, it's pretty clearly an investment in being able to hire good people, or get hired by good people or start new companies with people I know in the future. On Facebook, it's pretty much all about wasting time in a big asynchronous chat room. There little in this world that is more fun than wasting time.

I assume that at some point they will merge or interconnect, or one of them will fade away. But if not, I don't mind maintaining two social graphs for myself.

However, three is one too many. I can't deal.

I'm not really sure what Spock is for, but I'm basically choosing not to participate unless and until it become the de facto social network on them there webnets.

Best Regards,