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Using Sprint Novatel U727 Wireless Card on Leopard

2007-11-08 09:47:43

I upgraded my MacBook OS to Leopard, and everything worked pretty well until I tried to use my Sprint EVDO card. In Leopard, the "Internet Connect" utility is gone and the functionality has been moved into the regular network preferences. There was a device in the network prefs window, but it said "not connected" and it would not connect.

I tried reading some EVDO forums and apple support forums, and they were all very vague and not helpful.

I ended up randomly trying a bunch of things, and here's what worked for me:

  1. remove the novatel USB device.

  2. downloaded the latest driver package for Mac OS X from Sprint. It says it is for Tiger (10.4) but it seems to work.

  3. I deleted (sudo rm -rf) all the Novatel files from /System/Library/Extentions. Reboot.

  4. Run the mpkg installer for the sprint drivers.

  5. Reboot.

  6. Open network preferences; plug in the Novatel device; click "+" and add "Novatel CDMA" device.

  7. Click "Advanced" button. Change vendor to Novatel and Model to CDMA.

  8. Click "Connect" and it works.

Note that I had previously activated this device when my MacBook was running Tiger, so I didn't have to do any activation.