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Notes on Upgrading to Leopard

2007-10-29 11:04:08

Turn off the stupid, unnecessary dock eye candy (thanks to ars technica):

% defaults write no-glass -boolean YES % killall Dock

After I booted (MacBook() after first install, the lights on the CAPS LOCK and NUM LOCK keys were inverted. That is, they were on when caps or num lock was off, and off when on. A reboot fixed it. Weird.

Apparently if you have APE installed, you should do a clean install or an archive-and-install. I'll make sure I do this when I upgrade my desktop machines (home and work) (DF)

Cool feature: ssh client can use the Apple keychain to store and retrieve your ssh private key pass phrase. Furthermore, it seems to initiate an ssh-agent! So standard, and hence, awesome.

Another note: I have a Sonos music system, and when I did an "archive and install" on my iMac, the SMB share that had my music on it was lost. Solution: make sure Windows sharing was enabled; then in the Sonos Desktop Controller, I had to delete my old music library and re-add it, which recreated the share.