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A Good Explanation of fields in mod_status apache output

2007-10-01 15:44:08

Of particular interest to me:

Acc The first number in this trio is the number of accesses or requests using this connection. For non-KeepAlive connections, this will be 0 since each request makes its own connection and so is always the first (and last). The second is the number of requests handled thus far by this child. The third is the number of requests handled by this slot; the child may have come and gone, its slot taken by another.

CPU SS Req Conn Child Slot

CPU: The child's CPU usage in number of seconds.
SS: Seconds elapsed since the beginning of the request.
Req: Milliseconds taken to process the request.
Conn: Kilobytes transferred across this connection.
Child: Megabytes transferred by this child process.
Slot: Megabytes transferred by this slot, across children.