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Amazon MP3 store is good.

2007-09-26 10:57:09

When I heard Amazon was launching a re-launching a music store, I thought it would suck, like unbox and all the other digital media download stores Amazon has ever made.

But it doesn't suck. It's totally awesome.

  1. you get normal DRM-free MP3 files for only $0.99 (sometimes $0.89).

  2. Albums seem to be $7 - $9.

  3. They have a download manager for Mac. It's actually a really nice, simple, clean piece of software.

Hopefully this will trigger a price war with iTunes and we'll see music prices drop to what they should be. I think that means $0.05-0.10 for crappy songs and $0.50 for popular/good tracks. Albums should be $5.