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Microsoft buys Yahoo: clever or stupid?

2007-05-04 17:52:10

This seems like such an obviously, stupendously bad idea, that there must be something more to it. Redmond must have some insight that spins it around to a pure genius move.

The big sticking point for me is this: Yahoo is built on all open source: LAMP, etc. (Though I believe they are BSD rather than Linux, but that might be old. Same diff.) All Microsoft's web services are (natch) IIS, .NET, ASP, etc. When then have to do new projects, or major new initiatives, or integrations, what do they do? I would expect any Yahoo! worth his or her salary to flatly refuse to work with Microsoft server tech. Do they just move on, leaving stuff that was historically LAMP as LAMP, and stuff that was MSFT as MSFT? And whatever team thinks up new stuff, they pick? Sounds like a complete nightmare.

Of course, to me, working in a company with more than 75 employees is a complete nightmare anyway.