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An experiment in delusional SEO.

2007-05-30 19:20:01

A few weeks ago, I started a silly experiment in SEO (search engine optimization.) If you google for "greatest programmer of all time" (don't forget the quotes) I have a page that declares me as such, in the number 1 result. If the Google believes, it must be true!

text results

The image results are even better:

image results

You too can be the greatest [whatever you want] of ALL TIME!

1. Get a web site that has some level of page rank. Mine is only 4, so it doesn't need to be big.

2. Make an HTML file, name it the-greatest-whatever-of-all-time.html

3. Put title, H1 and meta tags like I did in my version.

4. Get as many friends as you can to make a link to your page, and the link text should say "greatest whatever of all time."

5. Wait for the Google to work it's magic, and crown you King.

Of course, if somebody else with a bigger pagerank comes along, or has more friends to link to them, then you will be unseated. Sorry. It's dog-eat-dog out there.