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How to install a private mail server certificate on Mac OS X

2007-02-02 08:52:30

If you run your own SSL mail server (imap or pop or smtp), you probably have a self-signed certificate. This will make your Mail application complain that the certificate is not trusted. Since you can trust your own self-signed cert, you need to add your certificate to the trusted list on your own mac. Here is how (on Tiger, maybe a little different for other versions):

  1. Download your CA certificate and put on your desktop. Call it mycert.crt or whatever.
  2. Make sure you're logged in an a user with administrative privileges.
  3. Open /Applications/Utilities/Keychain Access
  4. Select File - Import
  5. Select the file mycert.crt
  6. Chose "X509 Anchors" as the destination for the import. Note: don't import it to the login keychain.
  7. Give your password when prompted.

That's it. Now restart Mail and it should not complain about the self-signed certificate.