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Speculation on the future iPod

2007-01-11 20:45:30

Gizmodo has a thought about the next gen iPod. Their take: same form factor, touch screen, but with 100GB drive (or something), and way cheaper.

My speculation: the next iPod will be identical to the iPhone in every way except that it won't be able to make phone calls or do SMS. That is, everything except what they need Cingular for. But it will have:

  1. WiFi (and hence full Safari etc.)

  2. bigger disk (maybe not 100GB, but bigger.)

It will be sort of an iPod crossed with a UMPC, but actually portable. Good for email and browser as long as you can find a hotspot, which is really pretty easy these days. And it makes the "multi-year" Cingular exclusive not so much of a bad deal for Apple. Heh.