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More Apple iPhone Questions

2007-01-10 06:35:33

What kind of processor does it have that it can run OS X and not drain the battery in 15 minutes? What kind of graphics chip does it have in it that it can do all the 3D stuff from Core Graphics subsystem (and not drain the battery or burn your hand)?

How much RAM does it have?

How fast does it boot? I hate that my iPod, Treo, (former) BlackBerry takes 30 seconds to boot. Pocket device should boot up in 5 seconds.

It has Bluetooth. Does it support pairing with a bluetooth keyboard and mouse so I can put it on a desk and type a bunch of stuff in? (I don't care how smart the touch screen is; if I need to take notes in a meeting, I need a real keyboard.)

What does it take to get an app to run on it? Recompile? Special SDK? Of course, this relates to the kind of processor it has.

Gizmodo originally reported it's size at 6.26" in height, which totally put me off. But apparently that was an error, it's only 4.5" x 2.4" which is just fine. (Their original post is just gone from their site, I guess they were embarrassed. Screenshot attached, thanks to Google Reader cache.) I really wanted to replace my Treo 650 with a 750, but now, who cares about crappy any-other-phone-in-the-world? I'll save my pennies and wait for the first round of patches and fixes, and then I'll get an iPhone.

Gizmodo original size report on iPhone