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MySQL is going all, like, greedy.

2006-12-01 18:04:36

Have you been to the MySQL web site recently? It's all BUY this and BUY that. Enterprise blah blah blah! BUY now. Not only that, I couldn't even find the "download stuff for free" links. I think they might have been on the community section, but that site seems to be down. How convenient.

I love MySQL, because it's free and it works. If it's not going to be free, or if they are going to be douchebags about making it hard for me to quickly snag a new copy when I need it, then I'm not going to like it so much any more.

Not that they would care, if they are getting all greedy; I'm not the kind of customer who ever has paid for MySQL because I don't need support, and I don't redistribute software with MySQL technology inside. So maybe they don't care about alienating a developer like me.

But it makes me sad.