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HDR imaging

2006-10-30 14:31:42

My new favorite digital photo toy is HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging. This is where you take three pictures, each at a different exposure, and then use special software to meld them together. It allows you to take a picture like this, where you would normally be able to see only the foreground with a bright, washed out sky behind, or a nice sky, with a dark uninteresting foreground.

These pictures are a huge fad right now on flickr (which is how I found out about the whole technique). Go on flickr and search for "hdr" and you'll see a ton of stuff. Including nice flame wars about home some people are "abusing" the HDR techniques.

To create my images, I bought Photomatix Pro, which (at $99) is way cheaper than buying Photoshop. If you want me to HDR a picture for you, send me three jpgs, each with a different exposure, and I'll merge them for you with the software. If I know you ;-)

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