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Flickr is So Great.

2006-10-26 23:33:42

I can't believe it's a Yahoo! service. That's not to say that Yahoo! stuff isn't pretty good. But Yahoo! stuff tends to be slathered in flash ads and have a vaguely 1999 feel.

Flickr is so user-focused. All the time, I find myself thinking "it would be good if I could do X from this page," and guess what? I can.

All for only $24/year. That's the way web stuff should be priced. Whoever thought $10/month was a good price for an web app was on crack. $24 is a no-brainer. $2/month? Of course I'll sign up!

I also love that they limit the account on bandwidth to upload, not total storage of photos. Brilliant! A great way to build-in loyalty!