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Note to self: KVM over remote IP

2006-09-14 12:15:47

We have a Raritan IP KVM solution at work. It sort of works, but mostly it sucks. The remote client gets wedged up or disconnects a lot, usually when you are in the middle of a critical reboot or something. Plus it is super expensive (like $3000+).

What I want is a remote IP solution that connects into an existing simple KVM.

This Belkin unit looks pretty promising. The user manual claims to support Netscape and IE browsers, which means FireFox probably works too.

But everything like this is so expensive! This one is $700.

I need something for my wife's office, so I can remotely hard reboot their super-crappy phone system, which gets SQL errors after a while.

Are there any other cheaper solutions that work? A critical success factor is that the remote client works on all browsers and platforms, unlike Raritan.