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To view this stupid video, you must buy a new computer.

2006-06-13 19:25:40

I try real hard not to say mean things on this blog. Really, I do. But give me a break:

install IE screenshot

What it really means:

To use this product, you need to go to the store, buy a crappy operating system for $150 that will take 10 hours to install and patch, cost an extra $40-60 to protect it from viruses and spyware, and, oh you might actually need to buy a new computer to run it on. Then you can install this free software and see this video.

This isn't a dig so much as Microsoft, but rather at the ersatz media company, which decides to ignore 5% of its audience, and then has the gall to suggest that said audience needs nothing but "free software" watch its product.

Hey guys: quicktime (free viewer on all platforms); MPEG, MPEG2 (free viewers on all platforms); flash video (FREE VIEWERS ON ALL PLATFORMS!!). Media company's job: maximize audience (or maximize high-value demographic, I suppose). Media company's non-job: enhance monopoly power of a software company. Get a clue!