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Spotlight is such crap.

2006-04-04 17:47:57

Spotlight, Apple's answer to Google Desktop (or possibly Apple's answer to Longhorn's Vista's never-completed ├╝ber file system), just doesn't work. It's garbage. It eats up my system's memory and CPU at random intervals. It chugs along super-slowly and can't even find anything most of the time.

Often, I will be looking for a file, and I can with my human eyes and hands find it faster than spotlight. Which is easy because a lot of times spotlight can find it like NEVER. Seriously.

Maybe it's just me; maybe because I have 30,000 files adding up to 115GB, Spotlight goes non-linear.

So don't run out and buy Tiger because you believed Jobs' demo of it. The reality distortion field still works.