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FireFox Bookmarks Synchronizer that works with 1.5.0.x

2006-02-10 12:11:18

I find the FireFox add-on version management system supremely annoying. It's stupid that it assumes that your plugins won't work in the first place, and doesn't give you the option of overriding the installer's decision not to install.

It's extra stupid that an add-on that claims to work with 1.5 will not be allowed in It's annoying how much time I waste tracking down updated plugins when I upgrade FireFox (across the 6 or seven different computers I use at home and work). Some add-ons have good support by their authors, and they are automatically fixed. But many are not. So one is forced to extract the .xpi file, hack it, repackage, then distribute it. (Thank goodness for FolderShare file sync!).

I just fixed bookmarks sync, and I'm putting it here for anybody else who wants it.