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Back in the Day

2006-02-17 17:50:28

At the first internet flame out startup I worked at, we all had real IP addresses on
our machines. No firewall. Just us and the router and the big
bad Internet. No one ever bothered us. That was back when you could leave
your front door open in the summer and go away for a
week, at least on the net. We had some insane bandwidth too:
I think we had 3 or 4 DS-3 circuits.

Even our production servers where on the same subnet.
One time we were playing Duke Nukem and took down our own
site. After that we would physically disconnect the network
hub our machines were on to play.

We knew some people over at ATG on the other side of the
river (in Boston), and they were running their X servers with
xhost +. We sent them a screen shot of their screens, and
they stopped doing that.

Good times.


Good times.