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Of course they broke it!

2005-11-01 12:28:58

Golly, I am some kind of futurist predictor guy. The new OS 10.4.3 patch does break Aqua emacs.

And here is yet another emacs build that works: EmacsInstaller.dmg

Update: this build, which works for me, complains about ncurses versions for other people. I suspect that it is the same old FINK pollution I have had in the past, but I built this version with all fink stuff turned off. So I'm not sure what is up. I'm working on it.

Update 2: OK, Apparently my G5 is corrupted beyond repair with some weird-assed ncurses library. I built a new EmacsInstallerFull.dmg that is nice and clean, and I had to do it on my mini.  This version is a full /usr/local installation that will even work from a terminal, which is nice because it supports desktop  save mode, unlike the version 21 emacs that ships with OS X.  Enjoy!