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Just for the record: I don't actually hate Microsoft

2005-09-06 19:09:16

People who know me tend to think I hate Microsoft. I actually don't. In fact, I think it is great that Bill Gates and his cohort really stuck it to the established IT industry of the 80s and built a monopoly. That's my dream. If I could, I would build a business into a huge empire and make untold billions of dollars. I'm not even jealous of Microsoft. Great for them, nice job. I think the vast majority of folks who work at Microsoft sincerely want to make great products that people want to use, and make a lot of money doing it.

I feel precisely the same way about Microsoft the company as I do about Google (the company). I love it that smart people saw the state of things, came up with a great idea, and relentlessly built it into a successful, huge, company. It's really annoying the turn of the tide on slashdot (for example) against Google: now that they are successful, whiners and crybabies infer all kinds of nefarious plots in any action they take.