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OS X86, part deux

2005-08-08 11:07:25

So, Apple is coming out with an Intel version of OS X. They still haven't done what I said they would not do: release OS X86 that you can install on any PC. But soon you will be able to buy a Macintosh with with an Intel processor in it. Overall, I think this is a very good thing, because whatever marketing spin Apple has put on G4/G5 over the past few years, they are dog slow compared to Intel processors. For 99% of the things 99% of the people in the world want to do, anyway.

I wonder what this is going to do to Macintosh sales volume over the next year or so. I personally was going to but a Mac Mini to replace my old G4 Cube. But not now, no way. I'll wait until the Intel mini comes out, which will be 3X faster. If 10% of Apple customers are thinking the same way, that's 10% reduction in Mac sales this year.

Ditto for my powerbook which I was going to replace sometime in the next year.