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Checklist for making Windows XP Tablet usable

2005-08-30 16:00:06

Uninstall MSN Messenger:

Install firefox:

Install open office; extract the zip file; run "setup.exe -net"; then for each user, navigate to openoffice install dir and run open office setup, choose network install.

Run Norton Antivirus update 500 gajillion times.

Run Windows Update for 5 million centuries until all patches are in.

Set screen saver, desktop settings to something not stupid.

Configure wireless using IBM access manager

Shut off bloated services: Disable the following services: Infrared Monitor, Norton AV Firewall Monitor, Remote Registry, Task Scheduler

Remove Access IBM; Access IBM Message Center; Franklin Covey Crapware; Alias Sketchbook Pro; PC-Doctor for Windows (christ what crap that is); NetWaiting;

Fix and synch Windows Time. Remember to set date first. Idiots.

Go to ThinkPad Config in control panel; disable: Infrared; internal modem; device bay;

install google desktop